Review #3 about the JavaScript Unit Testing Book

Attached below the review of Werner Punz (Senior software developer for Irian GmbH. Vienna, an Apache MyFaces Committer Member of the JSF Expert Group and a JavaScript expert) about the “JavaScript Unit Testing” book:

JavaScript Unit Testing

JavaScript Unit Testing Book

Just read the book
“The book is very good, it covers the theory behind unit testing and then goes into details by applying various unit testing frameworks in a small and a real world Ajax example.
The testframeworks covered are

– Jasmine
– YUI Test
– QUnit

This book is a must read for everyone interested into Javascript unit testing, especially if you have to cover asynchronousity via Ajax (which is a key focal point through the entire book, in the more complex example).

Overall a very good book. Five stars from me.”


The book on PacktPub: